Thursday, July 1, 2010


As promised, a recap of all the games I missed.

6/26/2010 Cleveland Indians at Cincinnati Reds Final Score: 4-6
It was a tough loss for the Tribe. We left Masterson in one inning too long. No one on either team really played that well, it was a bit boring. The Indians were more consistent but the Reds had two big innings were they blew it open. The Indians couldn't rally back and take the loss.

6/27/2010 Cleveland Indians at Cincinnati Reds Final Score: 5-3
Finally we win! Shin-Soo Choo, what a day. Two homers off of Arroyo. Of course I cannot forget Carlos Santana and his home run. Talbot pitched a very solid game to keep the Tribe in it, seven innings, three hits, one earned run. Chris Perez got me worried giving that home run to Votto, but luckily Kerry Wood came in and shut them down in the ninth. Never thought I would say that.

6/28/2010 Toronto Blue Jays at Cleveland Indians Final Score: 1-2
This was a solid pitching performance by both teams. Westbrook looked shaky in the first inning but settled down as it was the only run he gave up. No big hits really, but Ricky Romero gave up seven hits in seven innings. The Tribe played solid small ball and Jayson Nix laid down a solid bunt for the go ahead run.

6/29/2010 Toronto Blue Jays at Cleveland Indians Final Score: 4-5
The Indians got lucky. Fausto really didn't pitch that well but still got the W. After LaPorta hit that home run in the sixth, the Jays bounced back and scored two in a tough seventh inning for the Tribe. I think the key to this game was Rafael Perez coming in and shutting down a very hot Blue Jays' offense. His solid performance really killed their rally and the Indians held them off for the victory.

6/30/2010 Toronto Blue Jays at Cleveland Indians Final Score: 1-3
This was a solid game all around for the Tribe. The offense was there led by Choo and LaPorta, both hit home runs. Carlos Santana added to hits. Aaron Laffey had a nice bounce back performance giving up only one run in 6 innings. Our bullpen looked very solid, pitching three shut out innings and only giving up one hit.

7/1/2010 Toronto Blue Jays at Cleveland Indians Final Score: 1-6
A five game winning streak! This game showed off Justin Masterson at his best. I still think he should be moved to the bullpen, but if he keeps pitching gems like today then I might have to eat my words. Masterson took a shut out into the ninth inning but couldn't quite finish it. It turned out okay as Frank Hermann came in and pitched another very good relief effort. LaPorta had another homer; he has been on fire since getting the call up again. Trevor Crowe added three hits while Shelly Duncan had a home run. Very good game for the red hot Indians.

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