Friday, July 2, 2010

Game Wrap-Up 7/2/2010

Oakland Athletics vs Cleveland Indians FINAL SCORE: 3-0

It was not a good day for the Tribe. It seemed like we never were really in it, and that begins with the starting pitcher. Mitch Talbot walked in the run in the first inning; the Indians were playing behind the entire game. I know it isn't the only reason but it is a lot harder to try and catch up than a tie game or playing with the lead. The offense was just not there. Carlos Santana did not have his usual patience and went without a hit. Jayson Nix had a solid day at the plate with two hits and a walk. I'm not sure I like him playing though. He hasn't shown anything defensively and offensively he is just as bad as Luis Valbuena. If we are going to put out a middle infielder who can't hit at the bottom of our lineup, might as well put someone out their who can field. I like Anderson Hernandez's range and overall feel out there. If I had to find a bright spot for the Tribe, I would say it was our bullpen. The combination of Tony Sipp, Hector Ambriz, and Rafael Perez gave up only one hit and struck out five in three and 2/3 innings. On the other side, Oakland really didn't play that well either, Talbot got into a jam early and then gave up one big double in the sixth to finish us off. Gio Gonzalez did pitch a pretty solid game and his performance earns my player of the game. The play below shows how bad the Tribe looked today and that is just unacceptable on Redmond's part.

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  1. never seen anyone get thrown out on hit to right field before. has this ever happened to a star player before? what an embarrassment for a lousy player and a struggling team. thanks for posting.